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Conwize is a cloud-based platform that simplifies the bidding and estimation process in the tender phase, to protect your company against crucial mistakes, so you can win more tenders, and execute them profitably.
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and errors
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Bidding automation with subcontractors
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One platform does it all.
Estimate projects and manage execution in one platform
Conwize seamlessly connects the tender and execution phases to help project managers better understand their projects and maximize control of their budget. Conwize's pre-contract management tools enable better contract negotiation and Conwize's visual scheduling model helps keep your construction project on schedule.
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Erez Galanti
ConWize is a simple and easy-to-use platform that streamlines our work processes in the tender phase. The platform helped us to create one language between the tender department and the companies that execute the projects. ConWize gives us better control over contracts with subcontractors and schedules in the execution phase.
Yovav Shor
Procurement Manager in JLL
ConWize helped us undergo a digital transformation in procurement and tender activities. We had been looking for a system for a long time and here we got an advanced and efficient system that specializes in the construction industry. The time involved in distributing tenders to contractors, monitoring status, saving, analyzing and comparing bids has decreased significantly and leaves us free time for other tasks.
Tomer Shvefel
Tenders Department Manager in Sade projects
ConWize's innovative platform provides a comprehensive solution for tender estimating, and in fact eliminates the use of cumbersome excels. ConWize helps us work faster, more efficiently and more accurately. This is exciting news for tender departments in the construction industry.
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